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Tuesday, 23 January 2018 14:59

How Long Will My Richmond, VA Move Take?

As moving day approaches, you might wonder just how much time your move will take. After all, you need to schedule your celebratory dinner once you’re done! While our Richmond, VA moving experts can provide an estimate, keep in mind there’s no guarantee that your move will be done by a certain time — so keep those dinner plans flexible! In general, your move time will depend on how prepared you are, how much your drive depend on I-95, how many people you have helping you and how many boxes and furnishings you need to relocate. Based on these factors, here are some estimates to consider as you plan your moving day.



We totally get it. Time is money, and you want to know how much you can expect to spend on your move! So we’re happy to offer you an average to go by. For a three-bedroom home that’s fairly clutter-free, is packed and does not require using an elevator or taking a long walk to the truck, you can expect four to six hours to load up the truck. Once that’s done, add the drive time to your new Richmond, VA home (we recommend doing a Google maps search at the time of day you plan on moving), plus two to three hours to unload.



Now you know the average move time. But who really fits perfectly into the average mold? Maybe you do have a three-bedroom home, but you also happen to have a grand piano and a pool table that need to be moved very carefully — which would take extra time. Or perhaps you have a six-bedroom home you never managed to fill with furniture, making your Richmond, VA move a little faster than average. Either way, it may take all day to load up your truck, or your move could be done by lunchtime. It depends on several details, such as the following:

  • How much packing you have left to do
  • How many boxes you have
  • How much furniture you have
  • How far the movers have to walk to the truck
  • Whether you have stairs at your new or old home
  • How far away you’re moving
  • How many movers you hire
  • What the weather is like on moving day



Time flies when you’re having fun…not when you’re moving! So your move probably won’t be as quick as you’d like, but you can speed it up by ensuring you’re prepared. You can start by being entirely packed before the Richmond, VA movers arrive. This means having your belongings boxed, sealed and carefully labeled to make loading and unloading go as smoothly as possible.


If you’re feeling too overwhelmed to start labeling your boxes — or you simply already packed your Sharpie — have professionals do it for you. Just let Mid-Atlantic Moving & Storage know ahead of time that you’d like help packing, sealing and labeling, and we’ll promptly send you our best packing experts to help!


Aside from being properly packed for a faster move, we advise you to hire 3 movers, not two. When you hire our teams of three, you can sit back and watch three moving professionals wrap your furniture, lift heavy boxes and stack the truck like a serious game of Tetris. You won’t get that kind of efficiency with two movers, and you surely wouldn’t have time to admire their packing strategy because you’d be too busy helping!


When you consider these tips on speeding up your move, you may be able to knock an hour or two off the average time. Hey, that means you might have time to start decorating your new home, take a nap or make it to Happy Hour once moving day is done. Whatever you choose, you’ll get to enjoy your new place a little sooner when you get the help you need on moving day. If you’re looking forward to getting through your move quickly, contact Mid-Atlantic Moving & Storage today for a free quote!

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Tuesday, 23 January 2018 14:12

Your Checklist for Moving to Another State

Preparing to leave Virginia to move to another state? From packing your belongings to finding a cost-effective way to move, relocating to a new state is no easy task. Fortunately, we’re here to help. To ensure a smooth move to your new home, follow these 13 tips when relocating out of state.


#1 Visit your new state and city


Before moving to another state, I highly recommend making at least one trip to your new city. This way, you can get a good feel for the location and various neighborhoods. Bring a guide book with you or head to the town’s visitors center for brochures, maps and recommendations. If staying in a hotel, ask the concierge for suggestions. You should also be able to find plenty of information on your new city and state through internet research and review sites. In addition to the city’s tourism attractions, I recommend seeking out local hot spots and under-the-radar hangouts.


#2 Research schools


Have school-age children? Make researching schools in your new city or state a high priority. If you plan to send your child to public school, determine which neighborhoods are associated with your schools of interest. To find top-rated schools in your new neighborhood, use’s School Ratings tool, which includes GreatSchools ratings and other helpful information.


#3 Budget accordingly


Moving to another state won’t be cheap. In fact, according to the American Moving and Storage Association, the average cost of hiring professional movers for an out of state move is $4,300. Keep in mind that even if you’re planning a DIY move, you’ll have to pay for a truck rental or container, moving supplies and various other expenses. To figure out your budget, start with how much you are willing and able to spend on the move. Then list out all necessary moving expenses. Remember to put a bit of extra money aside for unexpected expenses. Also, if moving for a job, be sure to check whether or not your employer plans to cover part or all of your moving expenses.


#4 Find a place to live


Ideally, you’d like to find a new place to live before you move. Unless you know the area well already, I recommend renting for the first six months while you get a feel for the city. To find a safe, budget-friendly place to live, hire a reputable Realtor to show you homes in your choice neighborhoods. Hiring the right Realtor is extremely important when moving to another state. A knowledgeable real estate agent should be able to help guide you in your house hunting process. They should also know the market inside and out, and be able to help you with all legalities and paperwork. To find a real estate agent in your new state, check’s network of Realtors


#5 Research moving companies

If you do decide to hire a moving company to help with the move, make sure its a reliable trustworthy one. We at Mid-Atlantic Moving and Storage are very serious about customer service and have made staffing and administrative changes in order to ensure that every Mid-Atlantic customer has a good experience from the initial phone call until the conclusion of their move. 




#6 Come up with a strategic packing plan


Before boxing up your things, come up with a timeline and plan for packing. I recommend packing all non-essentials first. Non-essentials are anything you won’t need in the weeks leading up to the move, including books, home decor items, and electronics. Pack essentials last. These should include kitchen items, dinnerware and toiletries. To make your packing easier, donate items you won’t need in the new home to a local Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity or Goodwill.  Be sure to pack all important documents and records in a separate clearly-labeled box.


#7 Schedule and transfer your utilities


Before you move, be sure to contact your utility companies to let them know you are moving. Utilities include cable and internet, water and sewer, gas, electricity, satellite, and security system. If you already have an address in your new state, go ahead and schedule a transfer or installation date.


#8 Forward your mail


Fortunately, forwarding your snail mail is easy and can be done well ahead of time. All you have to do is go to and choose the date you wish to begin forwarding your mail. Thinking of renting a PO Box in your new city? Check out’s guide to setting up a PO Box when you move.


#9 Let others know you are moving


Don’t forget to let your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers know you’re moving! Chances are good that you won’t have time to sit down with everyone in-person to tell them about the move. Instead, try sending a simple email with your new mailing address and any other additional details about the move you wish to share.


#10 Establish domicile in the new state


Once you move, you’ll need to establish legal domicile for tax purposes. If you’re moving to another state permanently and making it your main place of residence, you’ll need to establish legal domicile for tax purposes. To find information on the various ways to establish domicile in your new state, check out the state’s website.


#11 Get a new driver’s license


Want to drive in your new state? You’ll need a new driver’s license from your state’s DMV. Be sure to check your state’s requirements, as many states require new residents to obtain their driver’s license within a specific time window after moving. Keep in mind that while requirements for transferring a driver’s license vary from state to state, you’ll most likely need a driver’s license, proof of residency, proof of your social security number and an additional form of identification.


#12 Purchase a pet registration


Got a pet? You may need to register your furball with your city or county. While requirements and deadlines vary depending on the state, many places require owners to register their pets within a month of acquiring the pet or moving. This is mainly to ensure that animals receive their necessary Rabies shots for public safety purposes.


We welcome the opportunity to help with your moving needs and introduce you to the NEW Mid-Atlantic soon!


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    Moving can be quite tiresome, and just the thought of it can drive you crazy. Most people tend to stick to one location for decades all because they are afraid of moving. Nevertheless, what if you get a job transfer? There are so many reasons that can make you move, especially around Richmond, VA; mainly because it’s a beautiful area with so many places of residence. If you are a huge fan of urban life, then Downtown Richmond will be the right place for you.  Being in a single location for long is monotonous, and the fear of moving shouldn’t chain you to one area.

     Moving is currently not as tedious as it was before. You can consider choosing professional Richmond movers. Richmond moving companies can provide you with so many moving services. You might think that because you are moving locally, everything will go smoothly. It’s not the case to most people, and your household items might be damaged when handled unprofessionally. Their services include packing, storing and shifting of your belongings. Before hiring a Richmond moving company, you should consider the following aspects. 

 What should you consider when moving locally in Richmond, VA?

• Get referrals on some of the Richmond moving companies.

     In Richmond, VA there are lots of moving companies that will promise you professional moving services. If it’s your first time moving, you should ask your neighbors, friends or even colleagues at work about some of the Norfolk moving companies they hired. You should be keen especially on referrals from people who have moved recently. Be sure to inquire about personal information about the Richmond moving company and also if anything went wrong during the entire process. You can also get useful information from Richmond real estate agents, mostly because they interact a lot with Richmond movers. Getting this information will be your first step in identifying the best Richmond moving company.

 • Choose a local Richmond mover .

     Unlike national movers, they are so familiar to Richmond. Due to this factor, you can expect them to know your exact destination. Moving around a busy city can be problematic, but because the drivers are also familiar with the traffic flow, you won’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic. Plus it will be easy for you to access the contacts of local Richmond movers because they are in proximity. From the referrals you got in the first step, you should eliminate the national movers. 

 • Check out the licensing of the Richmond Moving Companies.

     Richmond moving companies should have a permit from the Department of Transportation or any relevant authorities. There are backstreet enterprises that have no license, and such moving companies are not legit. The problem with such kind of movers is that in case something happens to your property you can’t be able to claim for compensation. 

• Do a thorough investigation on the potential Richmond movers.

     After following the above, you should now have some potential movers in mind. What follows now is an in-depth research on each and every Richmond moving company you have in your list. You can find useful information online. Most businesses nowadays have websites where you can check the services they offer. Reviews are also vital, knowing the views of previous clients will help in determining the Richmond professional mover. Unfortunately, almost every moving company has complaints, so if the pros outweigh the cons, then that is the best Richmond moving company you should use. 

 • Compare prices of the Richmond, Virginia moving companies.

     It’s understandable if you choose the Richmond moving company with the lowest price, but you should be wary of the quality of the services. Yes, everyone would like to save some cash in any transaction. While moving, the price is important, but it shouldn’t be your driving factor. There are other things you should also consider safety and quality of the services. Your possessions are of great worth to you and should be handled with care. Plus Richmond Va. movers with low prices could be either desperate or inexperienced. 

 • Be aware of Rogue Movers. 

     Rogue movers are scams who request for small fees only to turn against your agreement once you get to the destination. In case you encounter such, you should immediately report them to the authorities. Anyway, you can identify rogue movers as early as possible if you are keen enough. They often don’t conduct an inspection of your household goods and will give you a very low estimate. Rogue movers tend to use rental trucks rather than company cars and demand payment before moving your property. 

    Moving to Richmond, VA shouldn’t stress you at all, as long as you follow the above steps. You will find a professional Richmond mover that will ensure your household goods reach the destination in one piece. Depending on terms of the agreement you have with the Richmond moving companies, some offer to provide you with after sale services such as planning and designing of your property to fit your new place.


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Thursday, 11 January 2018 20:08

Chester Interstate Movers

Factors to Consider When Buying a House in Chester, VA Buying a home in Chester, VA is an exciting and crucial milestone. However, there are various components to consider, and each one of them is different for everyone. What might be a must-have for some people could be turn off to others. Thus, every homebuyer ought to consider the following factors carefully before diving in the deep end of the real estate market. The overall market Check whether the overall Virginia Beach home market is a buyer’s or seller’s one. For the buyer’s market, home buyers have the advantage, as there are many homes available and the prices are economical. Conversely, in the seller’s market, there are fewer homes, and the sellers have the leverage to negotiate higher prices with several buyers who are bidding for the homes. Water damage Water leakage and floodwaters in a home can cause damage to foundations, electrical systems, wood, ceilings, and floors. These damages can be quite severe and expensive to repair. Hence, it is recommended to check for any signs of leaks in the bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room, and basement before buying the house. Size and space of the house Before moving to Chester, VA make sure that your home buying process factors in the long-term growth of your family. The size and layout of the home including the number of bathrooms and bedrooms, type of kitchen, and living space should all be considered. Also, check the availability and size of the garage in your new home. Costs and affordability Like any other investment, you will have to stick within your means when buying a house in Chester. You should consider consulting a financial expert who will enlighten you on the ins and outs of buying the home. Also, it is crucial to note that besides purchasing expenses, the oceanfront home requires more maintenance than in-lands. That can include insurance costs, and usually the coastal homes, mostly need three types of coverage- flood, hurricane or wind, and general homeowner’s coverage. Age of the property Most property listings usually note when a house was constructed. However, it is crucial to learn the age and any remodeling of the home’s elements such as water heater, furnace, and roofing. Checking them can help you avoid costly replacements. Storage space Check the kitchen to ensure that it has enough cabinetry to hold all your glassware, dishes, and cookware. The bedroom closets should also be large to accommodate all your needs. Besides, you need storage for your linens, holiday decorations, and tools. Otherwise, you might need to consider the cost of buying additional storage containers and the availability of spaces where you would put them. Amenities While searching for a house, it is essential to find the right amenities that suit with all other must-have features. For instance, if the property is on the water, check if it has deep-water access and a boat slip or has a high-tech security system. However, remember that the more luxurious things a home have, the higher its price. The condition of the location The place where the home is located is something you should be very particular with when looking for beachfront properties. Check whether the place can be submerged during high tides and if the soil tends to be too muddy. Also, the beaches are usually victims of hurricanes and erosion. Therefore, spend some time to research information from Virginia geological survey to ensure your home is on the safe side of the shoreline. A home inspection expert While in most cases it is a given, a home inspection is crucial, especially in coastal areas. An inspector can look for all signs of wear and tear that might come naturally or as a result of the sea and its storms. He or she can tell you if the house has been flooded and the frequency of the floods. Engage a local realtor Getting help from a local real estate agent is indispensable during your search for a house in Chester, VA. A good realtor will guide you through the purchase process or even help you find mortgage financing. Bottom Line Buying a house can be one of the greatest investments that you can make. But, during your home buying process in Virginia Beach, it is crucial to consider all the factors needed to assure that you get what you want.
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Thursday, 11 January 2018 19:44

Chesterfield Interstate Movers

If you are moving to Chesterfield, Va, there are many things you have to arrange. Moving home is generally a very stressful affair, but if you get a good Chesterfield, Va moving company on board, you will be able to make the entire experience a lot easier to manage. The best movers Chesterfield, Va have to offer will not only help you in terms of delivering a fantastic service but also in terms of introducing you to your new surroundings. As they are local moving companies, they know the area like nobody else. They can tell you where all the good places are, what sort of entertainment there is, where the schools and medical facilities are and anything else you could possibly need. Plus, since you are moving to a new area, it is a good thing to support the local economy by using a local moving service.
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