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Saturday, 16 November 2019 02:06

Richmond VA Movers, Preparing Your Pets For a Move

Written by Malek
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Are you planning on hiring a Richmond VA moving company to move your pets? Congratulations, this is a great life change that is full of joy and pleasant events such as a new job, a new opportunity, and a chance for a fresh start. But for the pet owners the process is a bit more complicated. 


If you want to facilitate the moving experience for your cats and dogs, you have to take more additional steps and constantly think about their comfort. Here are some tips to make the move easier for your pet(s). 

1. Talk to veterinarian.


The first thing you need to do for your pet is to think about its health. So make an appointment with your vet as early as possible. He will examine the pet and give you some tips on the care during the moving. It’s especially important if your fluffy friend is elderly or you are going to fly with the animal. If you are moving to another state, you have to notice that most states also require a certificate of veterinary inspection for your pet. So learn beforehand if you need one. 

2. Make ID tags.


Before the moving day make sure that your pets have a collar with your new address and your current phone number. The animals can get scared in the new environment and run away, so you should always have a chance to find them. 

3. Packing with the pet.


All the changes, which take place in your house, worry and interest your pet. Cats and dogs react differently but still need approximately the same care while packing. First of all, keep them in one small room that you are planning to pack at the end. So they will stay in one familiar environment for as long as comfortable for them. Cats are more nervous about any changes, so any fuss in the house will make them hide. Dogs, otherwise, are too active to watch you pack without trying to “help” in the most distracting manner. In both cases, it will be easier for you to keep them away from your boxes and your Richmond VA movers. 

4. Travelling with the pet.


During the travel you need to make sure that pets are secure and feel good. It’s better to transport them in the comfortable crate. But many animals are not used to any crates or car rides, so make them gradually assimilate to the crate. In order to do that you can:

Make them associate the crate with something good as delicious treats;

Assimilate the pet gradually to the crate, putting their food inside;

Carry your pet inside the crate around the house several times before the removal.

5. Don’t let your pets explore the house alone.


Right after you come to a new place do not let your pets explore the house alone. Show them everything and then leave them inside the small “basic room” with everything they need, including food, favourite toys, water and litter box for cats. Then gradually make them acquainted with the rest of the house. With patience, your dog and cat will feel comfortable in your new house in no time. Following these simple rules, you will ensure that your 

pet has little stress during transportation. It will also help you to pack quietly without worrying about your animal. Mid-Atlantic Moving & Storage will help you to take care of your family and pets and free you from most moving tasks. We are ready to assist you in both local or long-distance relocation by packing your boxes, loading them to the truck and helping with useful advice. We offer you help with local or long distance moving for medium price.  Feel free to give us a call at 877-4526-8797.


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