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Sunday, 10 November 2019 21:04

Powhatan VA Movers, Risks in Using Moving Brokers

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As you may know, moving to a new home can be an overwhelming experience, and it’s easy to feel stressed out before it’s even time to start packing up your belongings. We’ve put together this guide on moving brokers—the relocation industry’s middleman—and what you need to know about this option vs. hiring a Powhatan VA moving company.  If you want to know the difference between moving brokers and moving companies, then click here. This article is simply about describing the risks associated with dealing with moving brokers.

How Do Brokers Operate?


A moving broker starts by providing an estimate and charging a fee from the client who is moving. The broker then communicates the offer to available Powhatan VA moving companies, who then bid on the job.


This tactic is similar to using Hotwire or Expedia to book travel. Using a moving broker can help you save money as it can get you cheaper rates than hiring a local Powhatan VA moving company directly, However, it also comes with a certain amount of risks.


Some of the risks of using a moving broker to book your movers are outlined below:


•  The Powhatan VA moving company might not accept the job, leaving the client without a mover on the day of the move itself.


•  The broker hands the job to a moving company without meeting the customer in person and they might underestimate the scope of the project. This could mean that the actual quote is inaccurate, and the Powhatan VA moving company might charge additional surprise fees before or after the job is over and completed.


•  The Powhatan VA moving company that will be hired may not be licensed or insured.

However, a good moving broker shouldn’t allow these unfortunate circumstances to happen and must carefully ensure that the Powhatan VA moving company that will be hired is reliable. The trick is finding a reputable moving broker that has experience in the industry, good relationships with moving companies, and excellent satisfaction rates and reviews from former customers.


Risks & Dangers


At the time of booking your move, you’re strongly advised to ask the company if they are an actual moving company or a moving broker. If it turns out that you’re dealing with a brokering company, then you should know the following risks and dangers when using the services of a moving broker.


  1. No party will want to claim responsibility in case of problems.  A moving broker will not usually assume responsibility for the safety of your household items – that responsibility is effectively transferred to the moving company that has received your booked move. In case of problems with the move such as household items being damaged or lost, what happens, at least most of the times, is that the moving broker will blame the moving company, and the moving company will return the favor by laying the blame on the broker.


  1. The cost estimates may be way off the mark.  When you’re dealing with a reputable Powhatan VA moving company, the standard procedure is that they will send a move specialist to your home to take a good look at the things you want to have moved and will give you a moving cost estimate that will be as accurate as possible. Such move consultants are certified and often experienced enough to be able to estimate how much your move will cost with a good degree of accuracy during the onsite.


  1. Over priced large deposits that may not go toward the move.  Most moving brokers will ask you for a large deposit prior to the move – a clear indication that you’re not dealing with a top-rated Powhatan VA moving company. In comparison, reputable Powhatan VA movers will usually ask for a small deposit in order to book the move on the date that you wish to move out.


  1. No opportunity to research your Powhatan VA moving company.

Sometimes a moving broker may not be able to sell your moving job to a Powhatan VA moving company for a number of good or not-so-good reasons, such as unavailability of movers on the date you requested, moving cost estimates that are too low, etc. In such cases, it’s possible that you are left hanging on your move-out date, with no Powhatan VA moving company coming to the rescue.


How can you be sure that the Powhatan VA movers who arrive at your home are properly licensed and insured? How do you even know if those movers are full-service moving experts and not just another fly-by-night “company” looking to make a quick buck?


Movers You Can Trust


At Mid-Atlantic Moving and Storage, we understand that each and every move is as different, unique, and never the exact same. With that in mind, we pride ourselves on being able to customize and personalize every move we handle to give you a custom moving experience, tailored to your individual needs. Whether you need your entire house moved or just a sofa that has gotten heavier since the last time you moved, Mid-Atlantic Moving and Storage will take care of you at a surprisingly affordable rate.  Give us a call at 877-452-4797 for a free online moving estimate.

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