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Wednesday, 06 November 2019 13:56

Henrico VA Movers, Major Risks of Moving by Yourself

Written by Malek
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When you accept an exciting job in Henrico VA or purchase your dream home, you likely have a lot of emotions to work through. You feel excited about this new milestone you’ve reached. You may also feel a little nervous and scared at the changes that you soon will be facing.
You think about all the things that you need to accomplish, and many of those thoughts probably center on the fact that you’re refusing to hire a Henrico VA moving company.

However, if you fail to evaluate your pre-move situation properly, that brave decision of yours may easily do you more harm than good. The risks of doing it yourself are quite real – unexpected expenses way over the set budget limit, hours or even days of wasted time, expensive household furniture damaged, considerable wall and floor damage on moving day, and worst of all – personal injuries that can cost you a bad post move week.


Homeowners may be drawn to the idea of moving your own stuff to save a buck when relocating in a nearby city or state. However, it can be more stressful when you fail to assess your pre-move condition properly. The risks of moving your stuff by yourself can affect your budget and schedule.


Here’s a look at the potential dangers that you may face during your move:


High Unexpected Costs


One of the primary reasons you may not consider hiring professional Henrico VA movers is because you believe the service may be too expensive which is why you think self-moving is the best one for you.


However, when you move yourself, you actually have more costs to cover than if you hired a professional Henrico VA moving company. You have to pay for packing materials (such as boxes, tape, and bubble wrap) and gas for your vehicle. If your vehicle sustains damage during the move, then you’ll have to pay for repair costs since you won’t be under the insurance policy of Henrico VA moving companies.


If you have a smaller car, you’ll have a harder time moving large amounts place to place. You’ll likely need to rent a 26 ft moving truck or trailer to transport everything in one go. Additionally, some boxes may be too heavy to lift, and you’ll need to rent a dolly to effectively get these items to and from different spaces.


Wasted Time


Moving without the help of professional Henrico VA movers means that you have to deal with all the preparations, packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking all by yourself. You will have to arrange a moving vehicle while convincing your friends to help you pack and lift heavy items. Each mistake can lead to additional hours or even days, especially when you are inexperienced.


Need an Extra Hand?


At Mid-Atlantic Moving and Storage, we have a dedicated team of staff and professional Henrico VA movers who understand that each and every move is as different, unique, and never the exact same. With that in mind, we pride ourselves on being able to customize and personalize every move we handle to give you a custom moving experience, tailored to your individual needs. Whether you need your entire house moved or just a sofa that has gotten heavier since the last time you moved, Mid-Atlantic Moving and Storage will take care of you at a surprisingly affordable rate.


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