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Friday, 15 November 2019 01:36

Richmond, VA Movers- Long Term Storage Tips

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Many different scenarios may force people to store their belongings for a long period of time in Richmond, VA. Sometimes you may need to put away antique items such as a vintage china cabinet or a classic car. Other times, people pack up their entire lives and store it for reasons such as long term travel, military deployment, or living abroad for a set period of time.  Such people may need a legitimate business that provides professional movers like a Richmond moving company. That said, Mid-Atlantic Moving and Storage, located in Richmond, would be your perfect business provider.

Unfortunately, determining what to do with your furniture and belongings while you’re away from home for months (or even years) can be a stressful period. Whether you’re headed on an overseas deployment or a road trip across the United States, worrying about your belongings in long-term storage is the last thing we, at Mid-Atlantic Moving and Storage, want you to do.


Based off of your circumstances, it may make the most sense to sell your home and keep all of your belongings in a long-term storage unit. As a matter of fact, there are many benefits to renting a storage unit to secure your furniture and belongings for an extended length of time. You would be saving a decent amount of money and gaining peace of mind. These are both very important advantages of self-storage. However, before you throw everything into the storage unit and take off, read these long-term storage tips first.


Prepping Your Furniture


To start your furniture preparation, your Richmond movers will need to shrink wrap your furniture. Furniture pieces that we recommend to be wrapped are items that have drawers that could potentially be damaged as a result of coming apart during the move. Such items include dressers, night stands, chester armoire desks, couches, tables, and much more. Next, in order to save moving supplies, they will want to pad up pieces of furniture such as bed frames and so on. After that, your next preparation lies within the mattresses and box springs. Your Richmond movers will want to place those items in mattress bags. 


Finding A Storage Facility


In finding a storage facility, you will want to inquire about what size dimensions of the storage unit you would need to accommodate your belongings. Next you want to find either a climate-control unit or a non-climate-control unit, which would be determined by the length of time you plan to have your belongings in storage. 




In order to ensure that you receive all of your personal belongings back, you want to take note of everything that you place in storage. Some Richmond moving companies require that you color code each of your items. The color codes would be based on where each item was located in your previous home and where each item will be located in your new space.




At Mid-Atlantic Moving and Storage, we understand that each and every move is as different, unique, and never the exact same. With that in mind, we pride ourselves on being able to customize and personalize every move we handle to give you a custom moving experience, tailored to your individual needs. Whether you need your entire house moved or just a sofa that has gotten heavier since the last time you moved, Mid-Atlantic Moving and Storage will take care of you at a surprisingly affordable rate.

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